Thursday, 3 December 2009

Selections for elections. Worship your country but not those who govern.

A presidential election that mainly will be contested through one platform. The worst time ever to ask people to vote as they live in economic hardship for winning the country sovereignty. An appeal for ‘Patriotism’ with a dismal end to the year. No bonuses paid. No bottle of arrack and roast chicken under the Christmas tree.

I believe a patriot to be someone who is fiercely loyal to their motherland and come what may believes they live in the best country in this world. As a Sinhaland patriot I believe that our country has the unlimited potential to be one of if not the best country in the world, both economically and socially.

However patriotism cannot be blind. So recognising that the country is being governed improperly just to guarantee its sovereignty is important. Then it’s a question of the devil and the deep blue sea. The case in Sinhaland as those who govern or the opposition is none the better.

Speaking through a wee bit of historical personal experience and the current ‘selections for elections’ posts on the Sinhaland ‘Kottu’ blogsphere I must note that most opinions are either politically biased or planted albeit through false loyalty 99% of the time. The Sinhaland public, the voter is fiercely loyal to their party or person of choice. But this loyalty can be extremely fickle.

The ground reality is that in the current scenario and for almost three decades holding a free and fair election in Sinhaland is impossible.

With the current governments strategy of persona non-gratis to international interference this presidential election will be as violent. The two main contenders both lay claim to patriotism and Sinhaland sovereignty. In my humble experience in PR and Marketing the opposition keep making the same mistake over and over again.

Challenging the current president of Sinhaland on a platform as same as his is a huge mistake. Finally however the pundits and experts opinion, gaining the unwashed masses vote is of paramount importance. As in every election they will decide who is to be the new president. This election they have been given one choice in different disguise. So they choose between one and the same.

I believe that if the main opposition leader who has the most seats in the current parliament contested the election under a platform of economic freedom and democracy his chances for victory would have been better. The reality is getting the voter to the polling booth to cast their vote, nothing else. Or this time around we will face a similar situation as in the land of the Taliban.

This is the only way to fight the violence, vote rigging and intimidation that goes hand in hand in any election in Sinhaland. Voter turnout.

A patriot remains a patriot; their patriotism to Sinhaland is not decided by whom they cast their vote for. I remain patriotic to Sinhaland. Which means come what may I will not speak bad about my country, recognise it’s evils and choose to ignore them out of love, help any Sinha citizen I meet to the best of my ability, and most importantly live my life in a manner that best exemplifies the pride of being a Sinha citizen. This pride I leave the reader to decide.

Good governance and sustainable development anyone? Anyone?

Or will a bottle of arrack and full stomach suffice?‘patriotic’-point-of-view…/

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