Friday, 14 October 2011

Is democracy and freedom of speech alive and kicking in Sri Lanka? අඩෝ පඩ ශෝව් එපා, ජංගිය පේනවා!

1. Almost every year there is some sort of election where people get to exercise their democratic right to vote.

2. All what the non-gov media do is bitch and bitch.

3. Most independent blogs do the same, complain about the government. The amount of blogging out of Sri Lanka in all three languages in proportion to its status as a RDC is huge.

4. The communist parties have all but folded and closed business. The rapidly declining JVP is a fantastic example.

It’s how you spin it, isn’t it? අඩෝ පඩ ශෝව් එපා, ජංගිය පේනවා!


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