Wednesday, 27 January 2010

RW has no balls. SF has small balls. MR has the biggest balls in Sinhaland.

Get the picture, balls?

No balls - RW.

Small balls - SF.

The biggest balls in Sinhaland - MR.

7+% majority means a clear winner. It's difficult to have cheated and won on that kind of majority with a 70% voter turnout and all the election observers. Even if the minorities in SL had turned out to vote at 70% levels, SF didn't have a rats chance.

MR president for the next six years, Wow! Time to be crowned undisputed king your majesty his Excellency the President of Sinhaland - King Kingparty.

Monday, 18 January 2010

A strict diet of eggs does not make the opposition leader an intelligent man! They will serve only to be thrown in his face.

Bollocks everybody. The General and the President fell out over a minor proposal spat involving the General’s daughter saying nay to the hand of the Presidents golden son. Third class treatment to the General ensured that the opposition managed to snare him into the foolishness of declaring candidacy to the most wanted job in Sinhaland.

The General does not lose either way. He has sown his oats in Sinhaland and knows either way he has safe passage to his adopted country. That much is guaranteed.

The opposition leader has nothing to lose either. If not anything he will always remain the leader of the opposition. Guts to contest deserted him in case of another loss to his already impressive string of losses.

The playbook should have read like this:

The opposition leader contests. Fair and square, however much the country hates him, he is a known, credible candidate who’s party has a proven history of bringing prosperity to Sinhaland and slightly iffy international monetary credentials.

The General remains General and ensures that the so feared Special Forces maintain electoral polling dignity in Sinhaland. The ex-CJ, minorities and clergy from all faiths throw in their lot with the General supporting the candidacy of the Opposition Leader.

The rest of the blah, blah by the left, right and fundamentalists remain exactly so. They serve to only break the vote of the Sinhaland fundamentalists.

Nothing left to sentimentalism, or plain utopian lunacy on part of the opposition.

When Shit Bucket crossed back the writing was on the wall. How can the President lose an election that he just can’t afford to lose?

Soon he will truly be crowned King. King King-Party. Sounds good to some of us…


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