Thursday, 19 November 2009

Mangy a surprise entrant to Presidential elections…

In a stroke of political genius and strategy the political parties in Sinhaland combine to attack King Party’s presidential aspirations to be elected for a second term.

The nation and it’s Diaspora in the west wait in suspense for the announcement of presidential elections by King Party on Monday the 23rd of November an astrologically auspicious day for him.

The elephants file their most popular candidate Victory Lion who is guaranteed the upper class, middle class and minorities vote. A reliable candidate who will need to canvass hard to increase his vote of 40% in more than five other elections by another 10% to gain the 50% he needs to win.

Mangy running will ensure that the incumbent presidents popular vote in the south is weakened and numbers reduced.

The former Generals’ entrance to the presidential battle will be with the backing of the leftists and the Buddhist Party. Sinhaland winning it’s war against terror and his role as the architect to this victory will give the leftists and BP no other choice but back his candidature. He reliably might surprise everyone by emerging a clear winner.

Speculation is also rife that after Monday’s announcement by the incumbent president, Sinhaland may also see the entrance of a wild card, the former Chief Justice with a strong Buddhist and therefore BP backing. CJ as he is still popularly known will have complete judiciary and Bar Association backing as he is still respected and supported in the legal circles of Sinhaland.

The ‘Kulturs’ in Sinhaland, the culture vultures whose love of the west and their quest to reposition the commercial city as a Sinhaland bastion of modern democracy seem to have got their strategy right to overturn the incumbent in this all important presidential poll.

What remains to be seen is the reply to this strategy by the incumbent president, his now infamous King Party clan, friends of the family and other supporters.

The Sinhaland voter with over a 90% literacy rate has proved to be elusively disloyal as past elections show.

Interest will be keen on how the approximately 25% of the Sinhaland minorities vote. The last presidential election proved that this is an all important deciding ballot, or rather last time around the fact that many of these minorities were discouraged from casting their ballot in that presidential poll.

International media, UN election observers and interference from powerful world democracies will be discouraged or completely banned in this election. Therefore, what definitely is on cards is the bloodiest and most fiercely fought election in the history of Sinhaland.

Last December during the celebrations for the birth of Jesus Christ many in Sinhaland prayed for Peace. This December all of Sinhaland will pray fervently for ‘Peace of Mind’.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Pissing in our own bathwater. Democracy in Sinhaland. Who’s to blame for the lack of it?

Far more than FREE and FAIR elections a nation to exist democratically requires many more institutions in place, and administered without state interference.

- Independent Courts (Especially a judiciary that cannot be bribed)

- Non-party civil servants

- Independent institutions such as places of religious worship and universities

- The rule of law and property rights

- A free press

- Constitutional checks and balances

- A culture of openness and tolerance, especially of minorities

In Sinhaland political greatness is thrust upon some. Love Slave was one who sought this greatness and won it. We covered in fear during his rule. But our pockets were always filled, rice and curry three times a day, a promise of economic greatness to come, so we endured in silence. Satellite inherited her greatness from filial connections. She was our saviour as the 60% + majority she won in the first presidential race proved. She proved to be the worst leader Sinhaland had in history. Effectively kicking out Victory Lion’s brief but promising bid at democratic governance with his gay cohorts and selling state assets to amass a fortune even King Party is still jealous of. As for King Party what has been said I think is quite enough.

So basically we are a dictatorship that sheds it’s sheep’s clothing gradually.

We complain to the west, run to the United Nations, lobby to ensure that Sinhaland loses their GSP + status in Europe for the export of garments, those with ties to the government work hard to increase tourist arrivals, the Pongal diasporas work hard to discredit our image and discourage tourists, the opposition accuse the government of human rights abuse, the government brand them as traitors, the squabble continues.

We must now please stop blaming Banda and Thonda. Stop running to Jack and Jill. Correct our weak opposition. Ensure that all those who lost their lives to the Pongal war didn’t die in vain.

Stop running to external forces.

The time has come for the people to exercise their democratic right.

Charon calls out to the stronger souls willing to make the passage. Do you have a coin placed inside your mouth? Are you one of the brave?

Democracy I remember very like the childhood I fondly reminisce upon. I do not seek greatness, nor has it been thrust upon me, I seek democracy, for myself and the people of my country.

Politics is just another profession. Do it well or get out. We can throw them out you know?

Use your vote wisely this time around. But use it you must. Most important is the voters’ ability to throw any rogues out at regular intervals. This is the only time we are indispensable.

The good people of Sinhaland.


Passing by?