Saturday, 26 September 2009

Why ‘Wickrama’ Sinha will always remain a ‘wanna’ be President in Sinhaland!

In the final stages of the war against the pongal fighters in the north, the advance at one time became extremely difficult.

Some of the brave Sinha soldiers then volunteered to go on ‘Hara Kiri’ missions. The pongal fighters really didn’t understand the bravery of the Sinha soldiers from the central and southern regions of Sinha Land.

The incredibly brave Sinha soldiers advanced amongst the enemy with explosives strapped to them. Talk about the shoe being in the other foot. The pongal fighters were in shock and suddenly their bravery deserted them at the shock of the sacrifice the Sinha soldiers made.

This will never be written in the Sinhaland history.

However their bravery and love for their motherland proved to be the final annihilation of pongal resistance.

Only a minute and rapidly dwindling amount of city Sinha dwellers support ‘Wickrama’ Sinha’s now dysfunctional ‘elephant’ party. They will never ever understand this sacrifice or have the bravery to make a sacrifice of this nature. Give one’s own life to one’s country.

It’s as simple as that.

So the current King Party President and his family will rule over Sinhaland for many, many decades to come. They have big balls you know? Ample proof are the two strapping young lads the King Party President has given birth to.

Ass (intended) we all know ‘Wickrama’ Sinha can’t produce sons. That bloodline dies with him, and so does the ‘elephant’ party.

The King Party family name will be written in stone in Sinhaland history. They will rule for many decades. Pretenders be aware, be very aware.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

President of Sinhaland divides country into undisputed TWO

1. People who love their country
2. People who don't love their country

No Sinha, Pongal, Lancie or Thambi people!

Your excellency we really thought it was:

1. You, your family, relatives, close friends, those most loyal to you and casino owners
2. The rest of Sinhaland

Our apologies.


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