Sunday, 15 August 2010

Amnesty International defines Human Rights in our Motherland, Sri Lanka ☺

Amnesty International defines Human Rights in our Motherland, Sri Lanka J

Its easy to wax eloquent from the sanctuary of our perceived western democratic porcelain pinnacles, after all especially in times of economic hardship the folks at Amnesty International I am sure work extra hard to justify their existence at this organisation.

But what you bring up in this blog under the guise of human rights and international refugee welfare does create many unanswered questions.

The former reality in Sri Lanka before May 2009 for 30 years was that a majority of the Tamil populace in the North and East of Sri Lanka were forced to take up arms under the dictatorship of an egomaniac. The rest of the Tamil populace from Colombo and its suburbs enjoyed the same rights as any Sri Lankan. They still go to the best schools, have the best jobs and enjoy the same freedom as any Sri Lankan.

When the now defunct peace accord in 2001 took place, senior LTTE cadre’s finally got a chance to visit Colombo. What they found in Colombo stood against everything that was brainwashed to them in the North. They did not expect to see all Sri Lankan’s in Colombo living, working and collaborating together for the good of the country. Housed at the Hilton Residencies, meetings with successful Tamils who lived amongst all Sri Lankan’s in the city, short trips to Singapore opened the eyes of many senior cadres of the LTTE and finally the end of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Prabakaran started a war, fuelled and financed by a opportunistic Tamil Diaspora, but fought by a bunch of innocent civilians who had no understanding of what they were fighting for. Political manipulation and war ravaged the north and east of Sri Lanka and a new hatred was created. Including the LTTE suicide cadre. International Terrorism had a new weapon.

Everyone questions equal rights, but no one questions the end to Jaffna through terrorism. Jaffna situated in the very north of Sri Lanka was second only to Sri Lanka’s commercial capital in terms of trade and wealth. The Tamil economy, both cultural and financial was destroyed by the LTTE. All of Jaffna business leaders fled to Colombo from the LTTE, not abroad.

Black July in 1983 is Sri Lanka’s biggest shame, the pinnacle of LTTE popularity and the creation of the Tamil Diaspora. As someone who lives in London, England, spent six years in USA, and still visit the US, I ask, how many Tamil refugees and asylum seekers who flee to the west now are using this situation to dupe the west to care for them?

The modern asylum seeker speaks of poverty and marginalisation, but closer scrutiny will reveal that they went to the best schools in Sri Lanka, did good jobs and lived comfortably. None of them are the real refugees who haven’t even seen an one hundred rupee currency (approx 50 pence for you and I) note? The north and east where these people live were flourishing agricultural micro economies in Sri Lanka. Just pawns of the Tamil warmongers in Colombo and the west.

This war that the Diaspora used primarily to satisfy their conscience, and gain favour from genuinely kind and concerned people in the west is over. PLEASE STOP TEACHING OUR CHILREN HATE, WAR AND VIOLENCE.

The Sri Lankan government may silence its citizens and adopt a dictator style government, but Amnesty International please wake up from your slumber. You are creating more ill will and hate amongst the children of Sri Lanka and the Diaspora all over the world. I am sure by standing up against crimes in Sri Lanka, you do not plan to create hatred and flourishing terrorist organisations in your own land. Lands of democracy and freedom. Where terrorism thrives?

Lands where what Israel does in Palestine is OK, the use of drones to bomb families in Afghanistan is OK, what happens in Iraq and the unlawful subjugation of all of Iraq is OK, the list is endless.

A young baby in London starved and tortured to death by his own mother is OK.

Please present both sides to every story and do not support hate mongering. When you do what you do, like this blog, all you do is yourselves say TERRORISM IS OK. Under the guise of democracy.


The world today is quite simple really, if you sodomise me, I will find someone stronger than you to sodomise you back. The fabulous truth is that the people who work Amnesty International enjoy being sodomised by warmongers and terrorists.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Sometimes, many times, this time; Silence is golden

After much ado about the presidential and general elections, the Elephant Party reels in disarray. Despite the pundits, media and PR experts they keep making the same mistake again and again.

New leadership, new thinking is yet to come to light or fruit.

The new media strategy or rather the lack of it has led to many a good meaning blogger or blogging organisation out of their own goodwill do more bad for the Elephant Party than good. A good PR strategist will be able to point this out to them.

This is one instance were any news is leading to bad news.

Mangy is only using you. He is slowly building his own party. Suddenly you will see him break free on his own with his supporter base. SOON!

SF never was, never will be.

Re-group, recuperate, re-launch.



Don't believe the hype.

Most of all - Think will you, don't be so bloody desperate. The answer lies with the constantly losing Victory Lion, he and he alone can resurrect the party. So far, yet so near. Am I the only one who sees this? The question you must answer is we now still have an assured voter base of 30% in Sinhaland. How can we win back at least 20% of the masses support? Is the Elephant Party too kultur to think in this strategic direction?

Silence is golden. For now, for another year.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Even Dogs know what's good for them - UNP'ers don't!

If tomorrow never comes?

At first the promise was all's OK, the General will win handsomely. He retreated with his tail between the legs.

Now the promise is they will win the General Election and have majority in Parliament.

After the failed CFA and selling out of Sinhaland when will the homo elephantine leaders realise the country will never vote them in again?

Monday, 8 March 2010

STOP PRESS - Ranil claims that Preme and JR come to advise him at night!

Sinhaland Newswire

Multinational signs agreement to sponsor peace sculpture at a famous park amphitheatre in remembrance of war hero's in the post Pongal battle with the SinhalandGov and City Municipality. Four artistes will be commissioned each year to build temporary exhibits depicting the impermanence of war. Each artist will be given one month to build the design and two months for display.

The elections commissioner disappears from his home at night. The opposition holds new conference in Sinhapura to announce that he has been smuggled out of Sinhaland to Mahabarat and is now on a plane to Sinhapura.

He supposed to expose the biggest election fraud in Sinhaland. According to him the presidential was a famous victory for the general. He was forced to reveal the computer password for the two contestants names to be switched in some results. The University of Moratuwa IT person who headed the computer tabulation and publishing of results is now reported by Reuters as missing.

In more election news the opposition leader is arrested in Cambodia with a minor, similar to the popular Brit singer Gary Glitter. The opposition leader however was with a young boy. The president of Sinhaland has immediately dispatched a senior legal retinue from Sinhaland to plead the opposition leader, Victory Lions release. The president quotes ‘a weak opposition is important for us, our success is largely due to Victory Lion’s weakness, we must get him back before the elections’.

The opposition largely gay are now courting the Sinhaland former President Satellite's son, to their camp, ‘because from the way he dresses, his girlish looks and pink lips, he is obviously camp’ quotes two of the opposition leader and former prime ministers so camp friends; the businessman with a love for rugby players and the other an ex-finance secretary from the opposition. This apparently has annoyed the jumping prince from Southern Sri Lanka, Mangy the rimmer with the nice bimmer.

Further news follows an independent investigation on the death of Pongal terrorist leader Praba. Alike the former PLO leader Yasser Arafat apparently Pongal Praba too was requested to surrender and that he would be repatriated to the Mahabarat to stand trial for the killing of Mahabarat’s favourite son. There after he was promised a pardon as he did not wear the garland with explosives that killed the favourite son. Pongal Praba was promised safe passage to Southern Mahabarat to enter a political carrier similar to his other brethen who sold him out to the Sinhaland President. All Pongal Praba got however was a bullet to his head.

Meanwhile Sinhaland’s city economy seems to reach doldrums unheard of. While change is being preached, some of the key city economic indicator and businesses including drugs, prostitution and advertising keep falling. Some advertising agencies the city spy hears are close to closing. Many of Sinhaland’s playboy community now fly from Sinhaland to Thailand for sex, drugs and rock and roll. They are wise unlike the opposition rimmers and avoid Cambodia at all costs. Sex tourism contributes to almost 60% of the Thai economy so they welcome all perverts, buggers and pedophiles with open arms, legs, mouths and buttocks.

We sign off with news internationally that the UN agencies, United Kingdom, USA and the World Bank have severely instructed the Sinhaland Government that if free and fair elections are not held in Sinhaland in April next month, they will no longer support the inflation of the rupee and allow it to depreciate to levels never heard before.

EOA continues to believe however that the King Party and his family posses the biggest cojones on Mother Earth, even their women have them, and will refuse to be bowed.

EOA reporting from the city, Sinhaland, 18.30 GMT, 08.03.10.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

RW has no balls. SF has small balls. MR has the biggest balls in Sinhaland.

Get the picture, balls?

No balls - RW.

Small balls - SF.

The biggest balls in Sinhaland - MR.

7+% majority means a clear winner. It's difficult to have cheated and won on that kind of majority with a 70% voter turnout and all the election observers. Even if the minorities in SL had turned out to vote at 70% levels, SF didn't have a rats chance.

MR president for the next six years, Wow! Time to be crowned undisputed king your majesty his Excellency the President of Sinhaland - King Kingparty.

Monday, 18 January 2010

A strict diet of eggs does not make the opposition leader an intelligent man! They will serve only to be thrown in his face.

Bollocks everybody. The General and the President fell out over a minor proposal spat involving the General’s daughter saying nay to the hand of the Presidents golden son. Third class treatment to the General ensured that the opposition managed to snare him into the foolishness of declaring candidacy to the most wanted job in Sinhaland.

The General does not lose either way. He has sown his oats in Sinhaland and knows either way he has safe passage to his adopted country. That much is guaranteed.

The opposition leader has nothing to lose either. If not anything he will always remain the leader of the opposition. Guts to contest deserted him in case of another loss to his already impressive string of losses.

The playbook should have read like this:

The opposition leader contests. Fair and square, however much the country hates him, he is a known, credible candidate who’s party has a proven history of bringing prosperity to Sinhaland and slightly iffy international monetary credentials.

The General remains General and ensures that the so feared Special Forces maintain electoral polling dignity in Sinhaland. The ex-CJ, minorities and clergy from all faiths throw in their lot with the General supporting the candidacy of the Opposition Leader.

The rest of the blah, blah by the left, right and fundamentalists remain exactly so. They serve to only break the vote of the Sinhaland fundamentalists.

Nothing left to sentimentalism, or plain utopian lunacy on part of the opposition.

When Shit Bucket crossed back the writing was on the wall. How can the President lose an election that he just can’t afford to lose?

Soon he will truly be crowned King. King King-Party. Sounds good to some of us…


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